Stellar Back-to-School Bundle Offer for Windows - 1 Year License

Stellar Back-to-School Bundle Offer for Windows - 1 Year License
Stellar Data Recovery
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Offer valid until September 30th, 2022.
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Stellar Data Recovery


  • DIY Windows Data Recovery Software
  • Recovers Data from Corrupt Drives
  • Recover Your Priceless Memories
  • File Sorting for Easy Recovery
  • Recovers Data from All Storage Media Devices
  • Recovery from All Data Loss Situations
  • Save Scan & Resume Recovery
  • Recovers Data from 4K Hard Drives
  • Data Recovery on Dual Monitors

Ashampoo Backup Pro

The backup solution for optimal security


  • Create backups, recover and restore files–the easy way!

    Ashampoo® Backup Pro 15 is Windows-based a comprehensive backup solution to back up or restore any file, partition or bootable operating system. Archives can easily be restored in the event of hardware issues or system malware infections. Backups can be created fully automatically thanks to smart background technology that does not interfere with normal PC operation.

  • Tailor-made backups with Ashampoo® Backup Pro 15
    • Well laid out user interface with all important information
    • Single-click access to all important menus
    • Presets for ready-to-use backup plans
    • Handy backup plan overview
    • AND MORE...
  • Create backups, recover and restore files–the easy way!

    Ashampoo® Backup Pro 15 creates backups from any file type, even entire operating systems. The program works fully automatically in the background to prevent data loss. Restoring backups will help with system failure, malware infections or hardware issues.

Abelssoft Video Converter


  • Fast Video conversion

    Converter4Video uses state-of-the-art conversion and compression technologies for fast video conversion without noticeable loss of quality.

  • Easy handling

    You don't need any previous knowledge to use the software. In no time at all you can create preview videos with which you can check the settings.

  • Many supported formats

    Converter4Video allows you to convert from and to almost all popular formats.

  • Preparation for the web

    With Converter4Video you can format videos so that you can embed them on a website.

Stellar Back-to-School Bundle Offer - 1 Year License

Stellar Data Recovery

Processor: Intel compatible (x86, x64),

Operating System: Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8 & 7

Memory: 4 GB minimum (8 GB recommended),

Hard Disk: 250 MB free space

Ashampoo Backup Pro

Operating System: Windows® 10

Any device that supports the operating systems listed above. Systems with ARM processors are not supported.

An Internet connection is required to activate the program. The program license is verified repeatedly at regular intervals. Full administrative rights are required to use the program.

Language: Deutsch (Ashampoo), English English (Ashampoo), Nederlands Nederlands (Guy Raedersdorf), Français Français (Guy Raedersdorf), Magyar Magyar (László Koncz), Pусский Pусский (Сергей Царёв), Polski Polski (Jacek Milecki), Italiano Italiano (Ashampoo), Português Português (Manuela Silva), Español Español (Miguel Blasco), Svenska Svenska (Olle Ohlsson), Türkçe Türkçe (Çağdaş Tatar), , Slovenščina Slovenščina (Jadran), čeština čeština (Libor Divis), 汉语 汉语 (Smilefly ), 日本語 日本語 (Ashampoo), British English British English (Chris Brooker), български език български език (Георги Миргов), Српски Српски (Ilija Komljenović), Português (Br), Português (Br), (Josè Carlos Taveira), 漢語 漢語 (Alan), Dansk Dansk (Kjeld Børager), Română Română (Andrei Grigorcea), Català Català (Joan Queralt), Slovenský Slovenský (Milan Slovák), Suomi Suomi (Veikko Muurikainen), Latvian Latvian (Voldemars Bulans), Српски Српски (Ilija Komljenović), Español (Argentina), Español (Argentina), (Angel De Giorgi), Byelorussian Byelorussian (Arhim2005), Norsk Nynorsk Norsk Nynorsk (Olai Otterå)

Abelssoft Video Converter

Operating System: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7

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